ZPro Futbol® keeper training.

Year-round training.

Every Sunday afternoon in the warmer months, we train outdoors. However, in the months of November through February, we train indoors.

Summer camps: we offer all-day camps and clinics every summer.

*To become a part of our program, goalkeepers must be 10 years old and have at least 1 season of playing or training experience with a private coach or club.


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Schedule, location, ages

OUTDOORS: Every Sunday PM.

INDOORS: November to February

LOCATION: Colorado Academy, 3800 S Pierce St., Denver, CO 80235

Age groups train at different times.

(9–12 yrs old 1pm), (junior & high school 2-3pm or 3-4pm)

Additional Info

4 weeks of sessions (1 hour). Fees: $259 for outdoor. During the winter, it differs indoors.

Weekly trainings are intense; this training is not conducive for beginners. GK must be familiar with fundamental skills before joining us.

Zuriel Z Lozano keeper training Denver

Who can train with us?

Youth club goalkeepers aged 10+

Must have prior training and playing experience as a goalkeeper before joining us.

In addition, college goalkeepers in any division will receive different training throughout the off-season.

Still have questions? email, or text us. [email protected] 303-907-9389


For professional goalkeepers:

Contact coach Zuriel Lozano to establish interview & contract discussions



Mental training

This is a weekly training. We present a variety of topics related to their mental strength, such as how to deal with distractions, how to get in the ZONE, be the CLUTCH player, & how to stay competitive under stress.

These courses will be live online (ZOOM). Athletes will receive booklets, videos, and 1v1 weekly call with mental trainer Coach Z Lozano.

For specific info, email [email protected] or text 303-907-9389

Summer camps and clinics

Summer camps are all-day training sessions for children aged 9 to 18 and of any skill level. Remember that most of our keepers are in the advanced stages.

The camps run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We also provide half-day workshops on specialized topics such as 1v1, crosses, reaction and more.

Ongoing GK support

One of the unique aspects of our program is that we are available 24/7 to help parents and athletes who need advice on youth club choice, workout ideas, fitness plans, or simply a different approach to making progress in their athletic careers.

ZPro Futbol® invests all of their time and energy into their students in order for them to succeed and continue to enjoy the game.

ZPro futbol® Training Methodology

Many goalkeepers and field players drop out of soccer between the ages of 13 and 17.

Since most youth clubs and coaches are obsessed with WINNING and their records, they put enormous psychological pressure on the kids to win more matches.

These youth club organizations will always claim that they are helping the kids, but if you take an honest look around, you will notice that only a few athletes get more attention than others, primarily athletes who are more athletic, taller, faster and those who produce better results for the team, while the rest are treated differently.

ZPro Futbol® goalkeeping training is realistic and relevant to the modern soccer game. Our keepers are put in challenging situations throughout training, and they spend a lot of time problem-solving while working on their proper technique.

We spend 100% of our time training outside their comfort zone. As a result, our students are able to play with confidence every week.

We’ve developed a curriculum to assist amateur and professional keepers in overcoming mental hurdles and improving their skills in order to optimize their potential.

Our coaches are former professional goalkeepers & certified mental trainers.

We’ve trained over 6,000 goalkeepers worldwide. Many of them have gone to play in colleges all over the US and few are currently professionally overseas.

Our main priority is to provide a training that meets the specific issue of each goalkeeper in our program.