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Welcome to ZPro Futbol® goalkeeping training

Why do we exist?

ZPro Futbol® training is currently used by professional goalkeepers worldwide for off season or preseason training as well as post-injury recovery.

However, there has been a serious lack of competent training among amateur goalkeepers throughout the United States, including here in Denver, Colorado. As a result, we are now offering our specialized training to amateur goalkeepers to those who need an advanced training approach.


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We've trained over 6,000 goalkeepers worldwide.

“Coaches can't fool Athletes, they know when a coach genuinely care.”

Zuriel Lozano MS Sport & health science, Professional GK coach.

Why do we train amateurs?

In today’s youth football clubs, goalkeepers who lack height, power, agility, or a certain athletic ability are often ignored, while other keepers are pushed aside as a result of internal politics in the club.

Therefore, only goalkeepers with the ability to join “top teams” in their youth club would receive above average or “higher-level training”, while at least 90% of goalkeepers will only receive basic to mediocre training. This mean that most goalkeepers (top or low level teams) will not improve much during their youth club careers.

How do we train?

At ZPro Futbol® we go beyond basic youth keeper training. We  use the same methodology we use with our professional goalkeepers, but we make our training fit the needs of the amateur athlete. 

We have personalized training in small groups, 3:1-4:1 student / coach ratio which has been a powerful learning tool for professional & amateur goalkeepers. We do NOT overcrowd our sessions.

In addition, our goalkeeper training is a psychology-based program that has broken through many mental barriers that young athletes experience in games, tryouts, and competitions. 

No youth club politics

We are not involved in the youth club’s internal politics, nor are we influenced by amateur youth clubs on how to develop our goalkeepers.

We are focused 100% on creating a comprehensive training program for goalkeepers who desire advanced training outside their youth club. 
Furthermore, our loyalty is only to our student, not to an organization.

ZPro Futbol® is not interested in the size of the organization nor focused on financial gain. Those who join us realize that they will not improve in their current situation. Therefore, we provide a rich training environment for them to succeed in their careers.


ZPro Futbol® has served over 4,000 keepers worldwide.

ZPro Futbol® Lead coach & Director. MS Sport & Health Sciences, Mental coach, Speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, please contact us.

ZPro Futbol® takes a scientific approach to modern training and has a clear understanding of the physiological issues that amateur goalkeepers face during a match and training.

Today, most youth goalkeeper trainings and youth organizations, use a one-size-fits-all training approach. To put it another way, some goalkeepers will benefit from their training while 90% will struggle.

In addition, many youth clubs keeper coaches today place a HEAVY EMPHASIS on performing drills correctly or “by the book.” As a result, these traditional training only addresses a small portion of what goalkeepers face today. What remains? Speed, power, quickness, fitness, vertical jumps, creativity, athletic performance, tactical knowledge, soccer IQ, and MENTAL. These are issues that require more personal attention, which youth clubs cannot offer.  

In our program, we do not have a big group of athletes. Therefore, we can personalize our program.

We are the only goalkeeper organization in the region that would emphasize QUALITY over QUANTITY. 

We do NOT overcrowd our programs for financial gain as other programs do. We prefer to have small groups to provide a personalized service & GET real results.

Our training is 3:1-4:1 student /coach ratio. The same way Professionals train. 

Not at all.  90% of youth clubs and youth club coaches are more interested in the number of team victories, coaching bragging rights & financial gain and less interested in how to help athletes get to the next level.

We are not attached to any youth club, nor are we influenced by internal politics. We concentrate 100% on developing Goalkeepers of all levels. ZPro Futbol® does not follow the same training logic that most youth clubs have used for many years.

Our loyalty is to our students & their development.

We are NOT the well-known youth camps or programs who are only interested in having many athletes in their camps for financial gain.

We also do not ignore athletes due to their sizes & athletic abilities. Furthermore, we train all of our keepers to overcome many of these issues.

Last, we don’t see our clients as just a number. For us, our student’s improvement is our main priority.

Year round.  Outdoors from February to November every Sunday afternoon. But we are indoors in November to Feb. See our winter session page

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