Zuriel Z Lozano

MLS goalkeeper

Zuriel Z Lozano, International GK coach, MS Sport & Health Sciences, UEFA Pro LIC, certified mental trainer, Speaker.

Zuriel “Z” Lozano, born in Panama, is a former professional goalkeeper and current international goalkeeper trainer.
He sparked the attention and recognition of numerous South American professional soccer coaches and clubs at a young age.
Later, he played for Boca Juniors Reserves (Argentina) and the Panama National Team.
He won over stadium crowds with his vibrant playing style, high jumping prowess, speed, and aggressive goalkeeping style.

New Zealand National Team goalkeeper


After years of international competition, Coach Z Lozano decided to complete his education in the United States. Before attending The American Military University for his Master’s in sports and health sciences, he earned a degree in psychology. He has received certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Moreover, he is a UEFA-certified coach and sports performance coach.
Coach Z Lozano is a specialist in goalkeeping, fitness, quickness, agility, strength, and vertical jumps. Coach Z is a pilot who served in the United States Air Force.

Television interview Fox Denver news

Professional Teams

As soccer grows in size and popularity around the globe, the quality of international competition increases. Modern soccer is quicker and more tactical, forcing players to exceed their physical limitations to compete. Therefore, professional clubs and soccer federations worldwide seek additional cutting-edge training technologies and coaches to give their athletes an edge. 

Coach Zuriel Z Lozano is contracted by professional clubs outside of the United States to provide additional goalkeeper training during the off-season, preseason, and injury rehabilitation.

Zuriel Z Lozano keeper coach training in Japan
Training in Japan, National Goalkeeper

Mental Training & Methodology

He provides mental training programs on performance anxiety, distractions, and a competitive mindset to a number of professional and amateur goalkeepers globally.
Coach Z’s training method prevents goalkeepers from becoming stagnant and robotic.
His training method increases the goalkeeper’s confidence, competitiveness, and habits. Consequently, professional clubs and goalkeepers around the world are embracing coach Zuriel Z Lozano methodology.

His mentors

During his young professional playing career, he was trained and mentored by a number of international goalkeeper coaches. However, one of his most influential mentors was Jim Leighton, who played for Manchester United and participated in three World Cups. Jim Leighton is a former goalkeeper trainer for Scottish Premier League club Aberdeen. Coach Zuriel Lozano and Jim Leighton are still his close friends and trusted advisers.

Locally & around the USA

Coach Z has a reputation for his generosity and motivation. He regards his players and staff with the highest degree of professionalism and candor. Parents and athletes say that he really cares about his amateur athletes, and despite his busy schedule, he still takes time to talk to parents and amateur athletes about their goalkeeping problems and even watches some of his players’ games.
During the summer, he also trains a number of collegiate goalkeepers. Moreover, his summer and winter programs are known to be the most comprehensive goalkeeper training in the United United States.

Zuriel Z Lozano having coffee with his long-time friend Barcelona FC Top Team goalkeeper coach, Jon Ibarrola, before El Clasico game (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) March 2020. Today, Jon is the GK coach for Olympique De Marsella, Ligue 1 France.

Jon Ibarrola former FC Barcelona gk coach

In Madrid Prior to El Classico.

Coach Zuriel Z. Lozano has worked with Japan Football a number of years. Japan has become his second home. He continues to train many national goalkeepers of the future.

Tokyo Japan

Japan National Goalkeepers

Television interview in Nebraska. ZPro Futbol® has been providing goalkeeper training in NE for 9 years. Coach Z Lozano is looking to expand operations in NE.

Nebraska TV interview

Summer camp in NE

Our first time in Montana caught lots of local attention. Local TV sports interview was live.

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Live interview

First TV interview in Japan before training their national goalkeepers.

Japan TV interview

Nagano Japan

Life is a great teacher.