Goalkeeper mental toughness

/Goalkeeper mental toughness

Who stresses more during games parents or athletes?

Nervous soccer parents

Understanding Athlete Burnout

Athlete burnout is defined by Sport Psychologists as: physical/emotional exhaustion, sport devaluation, reduced athletic performance and accomplishment”. Burnout can occur at a VERY YOUNG AGE. I’ve personally met many 12 yrs old with serious signs of burnout. But sadly there are a number of parents who refuse to believe their kids are too young to burnout, instead they insist that [...]

Goalkeeper coaching styles

There is a BIG difference between TRAINING a goalkeeper and DEVELOPING a goalkeeper.I'm very sure that you have encountered many coaches, who, before they even say their names, they talk about their winning records, championships, their “national rankings” and their tons of certifications they’ve gained over the years. It seems as if their egos and history of winning records are [...]

Why youth goalkeepers struggle during tryouts

Have you ever seen goalkeepers who go to tryouts or games and nearly fall apart due to nervousness or fear? Being nervous is a NATURAL behavior but it can quickly turn into fear.But wait, today some clubs are changing the name from “TRYOUTS to KICK-AROUND”, just see what happens if you don’t show up or don’t perform well [...]

5 tips to overcome goalkeeping mistakes

5 tips to overcome mistakes in athletics Coach Zuriel Z Lozano MS Sports & Health Sciences, international goalkeeper coach Many goalkeepers and field players are concerned about making mistakes, losing a game, and what other people think. All of this anxiety puts a lot of strain on the player, which leads to mistakes.Mistakes will be [...]

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How to increase your competitive edge as a Goalkeeper

These blogs are not just for goalkeepers but also for businesses, teams or individuals who want to change their mental attitude to reach whatever personal goals they want.The search for PERFECT performance brings lots of stress on an athlete. This type of stress starts with nervousness and it quickly turns into fear of making mistakes [...]

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Winning matters more than development

Few common statements, "Winning does not matter. What matters is players development." Or, what about this statement, "it does not matter if we win or lose, as long as you have fun playing." "Non-profit soccer organization dedicated to the mental, physical & developmental growth of a child".I've personally heard & read these statements numerous times [...]

Slow goalkeepers, Check your genes

It is scientifically proven that the ACTN3 is a GENE influences an athlete's speed, quickness & power.  In other words, human genetics plays a major role in determining an athlete's potential. The ACTN3 (α-actinin-3) is a gene that produces fast-twitch muscle fiber and is responsible for generating force for high-velocity movement that is important for power in sports. This [...]

How to wash goalkeeper gloves

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Keeping your goalkeeper gloves clean is the most important thing you can do to keep your gloves in the best working condition.When it comes to washing your gloves, there are so many chemicals, soaps, sprays and many more items that supposedly helps you clean your goalkeeper gloves. These items can cost LOTS [...]

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Individualized Goalkeeper training the key to growth

Most youth clubs now include goalkeeper training. Because there are so many goalkeepers in these trainings, keeper coaches might become quickly overwhelmed. According to many parents, these trainings resemble a “factory” or assembly line of people waiting or standing in line to be instructed. With so many players in line doing the same thing to [...]

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