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Who stresses more during games parents or athletes?

Nervous soccer parents

Understanding Athlete Burnout

Athlete burnout is defined by Sport Psychologists as: physical/emotional exhaustion, sport devaluation, reduced athletic performance and accomplishment”. Burnout can occur at a VERY YOUNG AGE. I’ve personally met many 12 yrs old with serious signs of burnout. But sadly there are a number of parents who refuse to believe their kids are too young to burnout, instead they insist that [...]

Goalkeeper gloves correct sizes

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Here's a simple guide to help get the best fit: The right fit should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY when selecting a glove. To make your glove fit PERFECTLY you need to understand these questions: Do you have LONG skinny [...]

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Making goalkeeper gloves

There are a number of goalkeeper companies who sell expensive gloves with cheap materials and others will sell great gloves but at an expensive price. However, most people will NEVER know the difference. I'm hoping to give you some insight on this process. This blog will cover how our gloves are made and we will give [...]

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