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Articles by ZPro Futbol written for goalkeeper and coaches who need goalkeeper training.  ZPro Futbol has trained many goalkeepers around the Denver Metro area and globally through our weekly training and summer camps.

The methodology used for our goalkeepers is an open training. Meaning that we are not just focusing in one area and we will use several methods to improve the skill of the goalkeeper.

Furthermore, ZPro Futbol goalkeeper training in Denver has trained thousands of goalkeeper globally and locally through year round weekly trainings, winter camps and summer goalkeeper camps around the US. Goalkeeper discovered that our methods have given them the confidence they need in a short period of time.

In addition,  our goalkeeper training is a personalized program to provide best result. We do not training large groups so goalkeepers feel very much in control of their training.

Why youth goalkeepers struggle during tryouts

Have you ever seen goalkeepers who go to tryouts or games and nearly fall apart due to nervousness or fear? Being nervous is a NATURAL behavior but it can quickly turn into fear.But wait, today some clubs are changing the name from “TRYOUTS to KICK-AROUND”, just see what happens if you don’t show up or don’t perform well [...]

Protect the goalkeeper

Protecting the athletes Youth soccer players are NOT taught to avoid dangerous play. Instead, most young soccer players are pushed to win at all costs. By Zuriel Lozano There are many youth soccer club goalkeepers getting HURT on 1v1 or getting hurt in routine plays than ever before. Partly, due to the lack of proper [...]

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Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping or hurting you?

Is your coach helping you?. Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping you. By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, MS Sport & Health Science, UEFA lic Today the emphasis on soccer coach certifications is a big deal and a big BUSINESS. As results, you now see thousands of  people with soccer certifications coaching [...]

Choosing a youth soccer club

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!! Choosing a youth soccer club has become so political & the most difficult task that a parent will do. Make no mistake about it, everyone knows that most youth soccer clubs today are a big business.  Normally [...]

Coach Zuriel Z Lozano

International goalkeeper coach Zuriel Z Lozano Denver Colorado

Goalkeeper: how do I get recruited to play in college

This blog is for those goalkeepers who are looking to play in college but are struggling to be noticed by college coaches. The most popular question most goalkeepers and their parents ask is, "how do I get recruited to play in college. There are few steps that you MUST avoid and other steps that you [...]

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Professional goalkeeper training – Zpro Futbol method

Your best game during the worst day of your life. Zpro Futbol methodology is more than technical skills and perfect forms, is life changing journey. We spend hundreds of hours training & analyzing our Professional & amateur goalkeepers around the world to understand their physical, mental and technical aspects. Plus, our personal experiences playing at the [...]

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Goalkeeper: How to deal with distractions

Distractions and loss of focus during games for Goalkeepers will occur. You might catch yourself watching another game on another field, or someone on the sidelines or in the crowd making fun of you, players calling you names, or your mind wondering after a goal for or against you. The worst distraction is when your [...]

Individualized Goalkeeper training the key to growth

Most youth clubs have goalkeeper training. In these trainings, there are so many goalkeepers, goalkeeper coaches can be easily overwhelmed. These trainings, as many parents tell us, looks like a "factory" or assembly line of humans waiting or standing in line for their turn to be trained. With so many players in line doing the same [...]

5 tips to overcome goalkeeping mistakes

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn There are a number of goalkeepers or field players who worry about mistakes, worry about losing a game, and worry about what other people think. All this worry will put tons of pressure on the player and as results they [...]