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Why young goalkeepers scared to dive?

Many young goalkeepers in the US are afraid to dive or they are frequently getting hurt.

Help goalkeepers make more saves

Goalkeeper training importan tip Goalkeepers do not train to be PERFECT. They train to stop as many goals as possible. By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, Master of Science Sports & Health sciences There is no secret that many amateur goalkeepers in America train up to 4 times a week or more, but these keepers [...]

Sport parent help

Helping a sport parent The toughest thing in modern society about being a SPORT parent. By Zuriel Lozano international goalkeeper coach MS Sport & health science. Speaker, mental coach. The search for perfection, being popular or number 1, the pressure of being the best, TOP athlete, in the best college, the need for bragging rights, [...]

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Competitive mindset for athletics & business

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Often athletes tend to complain or blame others for their lack of success in sports. However, most of them are lacking the correct competitive mindset. If you are an individual who've been told that you are great your entire life and you want the praises and [...]

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