Competitive mindset for athletics & business

Competitive mindset for athletics & business

International goalkeeper coach Zuriel Z Lozano

Often athletes tend to complain or blame others for their lack of success in sports. However, most of them are lacking the correct competitive mindset.

If you are an individual who’ve been told that you are great your entire life and you want the praises and people’s approval then it is very likely the day you are going through real tough times you will crumble. This is when you need a particular competitive mindset.

Just a reminder: a competitive mindset comes in place when things are going well and bad. This type of athletic mindset will help you stay consistent during tough matches, practices and important games.

The athletic mindset required to survive the 21st-century competition

Know your rights!!

An important mindset: Practicing and playing for a team is not a RIGHT, it is a privilege.

Let’s be clear if you are a parent who pays thousands of dollars a year for youth soccer clubs then you expect the youth soccer club organization to help kids GET BETTER and help them DEVELOP. Developing amateur youth athletes should the ONLY priority, not winning records. 

However, most of the time that’s not the case. But once you reach a much higher level the attitude changes. When you play for a top team, college or professionally this is truly a privilege. You will be CHOSEN a chance to show your game but you will stay in the team only if you can help the team and consistently perform well.


Today the word DEVELOPMENT is used as a recruiting tool to attract more people into their programs. However, nobody cares more about your DEVELOPMENT than YOU. It is YOUR responsibility. If you are struggling then your correct mindset to tackle this issue is to train and find ways to develop.

Playing time

If you are not getting PLAYING TIME this not the time to feel sorry for yourself or be upset. Change your mindset and do something EXTRAORDINARY to make sure you are ABOVE or more SUPERIOR than your competition. Get stronger, faster, powerful, get better. Do something extraordinary to change their minds!

Blaming others

When you BLAME OTHERS (coach, team, school, defense, etc) for your lack of success, you are saying that PEOPLE must change for YOU to be successful.

 Your success is totally under your control. If you are not improving with your team training or club, it is time to find additional professional help outside your club. Stop wasting your time by blaming others and take action!

In conclusion, it is important to take on your modern competition with a correct athletic mindset. If you are “expecting” such as playing time or starting spot in a team, then you are heading for a number of headaches and heartaches.

Instead, get better, find a private session or training that will truly take you to the next level and not just take your money. Your correct athletic mindset will help you move into the 21st-century competition.