Is your coach helping you?.

Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping you.

International goalkeeper coach Zuriel Z Lozano

By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, MS Sport & Health Science, UEFA lic

Today the emphasis on soccer coach certifications is a big deal and a big BUSINESS. As results, you now see thousands of  people with soccer certifications coaching kids. All they do is show up with a certificate to a local youth club, run a background check ask few questions and you are in!!

Furthermore, if this XYZ club is in dire need of soccer coaches they will pretty much pick anyone who can help…This is dangerous!! 

For example, if a soccer coach has tons of certifications from around the world & “international experience” but he is a JERK, do you think this is going to help an athlete get better? absolutely not!

Keep this in mind: sooner or later all FAKE individuals will reveal who they really are.  How you treat people, says a lot about your character & your INTEGRITY.

5 Tips to help you know if your coach or coaching staff is making a REAL / TRUE difference in your soccer or athletic career, or are these coaches setting you up to FAIL?


“If you’re playing in a youth soccer team and your team record & number of championships won is improving but your skill, technique & soccer IQ is NOT improving, then you are heading the wrong way “

Coaches with character & integrity:

1   They are the most INSPIRING individuals around. They will help reach limits you never thought would be possible. This coach will never play HEAD GAMES and will never leave you second guessing yourself.

2   Coaches with character & integrity will ENCOURAGE YOU to make mistakes. That’s right!!…They use your mistakes as a tool to help you improve. In fact, most athletes under this type of coach will help you be mentally stronger & confident in a very short time.

3   This type of coach is not a person with an EGO. Coaches with EGOS put game outcomes first then YOU second. Some of these coaches will easily get upset when drills or trainings are not done exactly as he/she said. They are NEGATIVE in many ways.

4  He/she will see YOU as an unique individual with different issues than everyone else. This coach will NOT treat you as a NUMBER, nor take advantage of you.

5   Flexibility: Coach with integrity and character is CONSTANTLY teaching something different and new.  They take their TIME to help you change or improve a particular skill, technique or situation.  They will give you plenty of playing time to help you improve. They are FLEXIBLE!!


Use common sense as you search for a soccer coach

Today everyone seems to be competing for a SPOT in a team. Therefore, if you want to improve or be noticed, your coach or coaching staff will need to have a positive energy and a UNSHAKEABLE desire to help you improve. 

In addition,  there is a  enormous amount of soccer coaches who care more about their image, record & personal gains than your development. Coaches who are more interested on themselves can “play games” with you for a long time until is too late by then you’ve wasted years with no progress.

Finally, soccer coaches at the YOUTH SOCCER LEVEL should be only focus on DEVELOPMENT. But this is not always the case in today’s youth soccer business. 

However, YOU (amateur soccer player & parents) have full control on choosing the right coach, training, or even youth soccer clubs. Do not get blindsided with amount of championships and all the “flashy” resumes.  Use common sense!!.