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Different types of soccer coaches

Learn the different types of soccer coaches in the US.

Competitive mindset for athletics & business

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Often athletes tend to complain or blame others for their lack of success in sports. However, most of them are lacking the correct competitive mindset. If you are an individual who've been told that you are great your entire life and you want the praises and [...]

Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping or hurting you?

Is your coach helping you?. Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping you. By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, MS Sport & Health Science, UEFA lic Today the emphasis on soccer coach certifications is a big deal and a big BUSINESS. As results, you now see thousands of  people with soccer certifications coaching [...]

How to Handle adversity in sports

Athletic adversity Sports will expose the character of an athlete especially when they face adversity By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, MS Sport & Health Science. UEFA lic, Mental coach & Mentor. No child, human or living thing should suffer & face adversities in this World. We should all live in peace, love each other [...]

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Athletic speed

Athletic speed in soccer Athletic speed is needed in most sports. But it requires special attention gain speed. By Zuriel Z Lozano, international goalkeeper coach MS in Sport Health & science. Certified by The National Academy Of Sport Medicine. UEFA license, Speaker, Mental trainer Athletic speed in soccer is simply vital. In soccer most positions, [...]

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Sport injuries among young athletes or is it neglect?

Sports injury among young athletes or neglect? Overuse injuries up to 52% among young athletes. Is this a sport injury or neglect? By Zuriel Z Lozano international goalkeeper coach, UEFA lic, MS in Sport & health science. Mental trainer, Speaker. 13 year old with BACK problems already? As a coach, I've come across thousands of [...]