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Articles from ZPro Futbol’s Goalkeeper Solutions Camps. We provide tips to coaches, parents and goalkeepers on training, equipment and keeper camps.

Goalkeeper: how do I get recruited to play in college

This online resource is for soccer players who want to play in college but are having difficulty getting recognized by college coaches. Most goalkeepers and their parents want to know, “How do I get recruited to play in college?" There are a few steps you MUST avoid and some you MUST follow; please read carefully.In [...]

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Athletes training during COVID-19

Athlete during COVID-19 Can you take any more zoom classes and online trainings? By Zuriel Z Lozano When the pandemic COVID-19 stared everything went on virtual mode. Virtual training was helpful for a minute but quickly it became annoying for many people. Training videos and virtual courses became repetitive & boring. In fact, a number [...]

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Choose the correct soccer camp

Make the correct choice on your next soccer camp. If you do not know which soccer camp is best or which camp is a waste of money & time, then learn these few tips to select the correct winter or summer camp. By Zuriel Lozano Know when soccer summer camps are helpful or a waste [...]

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Competitive mindset for athletics & business

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Often athletes tend to complain or blame others for their lack of success in sports. However, most of them are lacking the correct competitive mindset. If you are an individual who've been told that you are great your entire life and you want the praises and [...]

Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping or hurting you?

Is your coach helping you?. Tips to know if your soccer coach is helping you. By Zuriel Lozano, international goalkeeper coach, MS Sport & Health Science, UEFA lic Today the emphasis on soccer coach certifications is a big deal and a big BUSINESS. As results, you now see thousands of  people with soccer certifications coaching [...]

Athletic speed

Athletic speed in soccer Athletic speed is needed in most sports. But it requires special attention gain speed. By Zuriel Z Lozano, international goalkeeper coach MS in Sport Health & science. Certified by The National Academy Of Sport Medicine. UEFA license, Speaker, Mental trainer Athletic speed in soccer is simply vital. In soccer most positions, [...]

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Sport injuries among young athletes or is it neglect?

Sports injury among young athletes or neglect? Overuse injuries up to 52% among young athletes. Is this a sport injury or neglect? By Zuriel Z Lozano international goalkeeper coach, UEFA lic, MS in Sport & health science. Mental trainer, Speaker. 13 year old with BACK problems already? As a coach, I've come across thousands of [...]

Sports Quotes

Sports quotes winning mentality Mental toughness, winning mentality, laser focus, consistency these are words that most athletes are desperately searching everywhere to ensure they can compete at a high level.  However, most of the time you can find a winning mentality through your own personal experiences. Check out some of these quotes and learn what [...]

Why youth soccer players in America peak early?

Why do youth soccer players in America peak early? Athletic Prime or Peak Every athlete will reach a point in their lives where they will be able to compete at their best and reach their highest physical abilities. This is called peak or athletic prime. This blog will give you an idea as to why [...]

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Professional soccer coaches don’t yell

Professional soccer coaches So many kids and soccer parents are told that professional coaches yell at their PROFESSIONAL players. This is 100% wrong! By ZURIEL LOZANO Professional soccer coaches do not yell.Today many soccer coaches, training programs and youth soccer clubs claim to be "professional".  However, we all know these are marketing and recruiting tactics.In [...]

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