How to wash goalkeeper gloves


Keeping your goalkeeper gloves clean is the most important thing you can do to keep your gloves in the best working condition.

When it comes to washing your gloves, there are so many chemicals, soaps, sprays and many more items that supposedly helps you clean your goalkeeper gloves. These items can cost LOTS of money and can possibly end up hurting your gloves in the long term.  We will walk you through how to wash youth gloves in the most effective manner. First, never wash your gloves in a washing machine. Gloves should only be hand washed.

Washing your Goalkeeper GlovesWhat you will need:

  • Water (Room Temperature)
  • Regular Hand Dish Washing Soap
  • Small soft brush
  • Towels

Steps to Cleaning your gloves:

  1. Take the dirty gloves and submerge them in room temperature water.
  2. Put soap in the water and mix in the water.
  3. Rub the soapy water  into the gloves with your hands to get the dirt off.
  4. For persistent stains and dirt, you can also use a soft brush to scrub all the dirt off.
  5. Once the dirt is off, rinse your gloves in clean water until all the dirt and soap is washed away.
  6. Dry your gloves by wringing them out (gently to not damage the foam) and wrapping them in dry towels. Then hang them to air dry overnight away from heaters and vents. Heaters and Vents may damage your gloves by drying the gloves out too fast or even melting the foam.

Cleaning your gloves frequently will make your gloves last longer and the grip will stay longer as well.

Game Day Tip

Keep a moist towel near you to wipe your gloves every once in awhile during your matches to improve grip. Remember, your gloves only need to be damp not soaked.

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