Goalkeeper gloves correct sizes


Here’s a simple guide to help get the best fit:

The right fit should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY when selecting a glove. To make your glove fit PERFECTLY you need to understand these questions:

Do you have LONG skinny fingers?  Do you have wider fingers? Do you have THICK hands?

  • The Glove should be roomy and not tight on your hands.
  • Your fingers should reach the end of your fingers by about 1/2 inch or some people like an inch.
  • Your hand should not slip or slide when secured to your wrist. If this happens it means the gloves are too wide around your hands or fingers.
  • Say no to loose gloves. Gloves should NOT fit like a WINTER GLOVE, an inch to an inch and a half from the end of your fingers. NOTE: gloves will RIP if do NOT get your correct sizing.


ZPro Futbol glove sizing guideTo determine your goalkeeper glove size, measure the circumference of the part of your palm just below your knuckles, WIDEST PART OF YOUR PALM. (SEE PIC)

With your TAPE MEASUREMENT Round up to the next whole inch, and then add 1 to determine your size. Measure both hands, and if the measurements are different, order the larger size for the most consistent fit.

Here’s an OLD way to measure gloves but I DON’T RECOMMEND IT:

If you can’t find a tape measure, another sizing method involves your shoe size. Usually, the goalkeeper glove size will correlate with the shoe size. If the shoe size is a half size, round up to the next full size for the best fit.     IF THIS WORKS FOR YOU, PLEASE LET ME KNOW?

The best way to determine fit is to try gloves on

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