Goalkeeper gloves: how to take care of them

Goalkeeper gloves are very expensive and glove companies are taking advantage of parents and goalkeepers all over the country because they know parents will have to buy them sooner or later. Some “big name brands” won’t care about how high their prices are as long as you buy it.

You can still buy great gloves at decent prices and sometimes they will last even longer that most expensive gloves in the market.

ZPro Futbol goalkeeper gloves JC12Gloves are not made of indestructible materials. All gloves will rip or fall apart some day. However, there are a number of things you can do to make them last a lot longer.


  • DON’T SPIT ON THE GLOVES: Not only is NASTY/GROSS and will make them STINK but it will KILL the skin of the glove.  Remember, human SALIVA is designed to break down food. SALIVA contains mucus, electrolytes and bacteria called Lysozyme. The KEY HERE: Saliva is designed to break down food.  So imagine what it can do your gloves?
  • Continuous use of DIRTY GLOVES:   Many amateur goalkeepers will complain about the GRIP but when you look at their gloves, they are as DIRTY as the bottom of your shoes. Some of them have spit on their gloves so much that SALIVA is now turned into DUST, plus your SWEAT, that will quickly eliminate the GRIP.

Here are few tips to help you maintain your equipment:

  1. During games keep your gloves MOIST: have a damp towel to wipe them during games or sometimes light putting regular water on the palm will help. you may have to do that a couple of times during each half.
  2. KEEP GLOVES  & PALMS as clean as possible:  Which means clean them after practice and after games. If  you SWEAT a lot, then you should wash them immediately.

Learn how to wash your gloves and get their GRIP and LOOKS back to normal.


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