5 tips to overcome goalkeeping mistakes


There are a number of goalkeepers or field players who worry about mistakes, worry about losing a game, and worry about what other people think. All this worry will put tons of pressure on the player and as results they end up making mistakes.

Mistakes will happen, it is part of the beautiful game. So, once you make a mistake, what can you do?  There are few individuals who are able to overcome these mistakes and move on. But there are others who simply don’t know what to do when a mistake happens. Here are few tips to help you overcome mistakes.

Overcoming Goalkeeping MistakesThese are short points but very helpful

  • Mistakes are part of ANY game. No matter how hard you try NOT to make an error, things just happen!
  • Learning from mistakes will simply make you mentally stronger
  • Living with a mistake will disrupt your concentration & destroy your confidence. RE-FOCUS, this is the golden rule to overcome a mistake & build your confidence.
  • Develop your ability to have a “short memory”. Move on, re-focus and your confidence will be intact.
  • Accept that YOU ARE NOT PERFECT.
  • Find a routine to re-focus after a mistake such as, self-talk, deep breaths, or slap your face.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that WORKS or RELATES to you. Find a way to accept mistakes will happen, goals will get scored on you and how you learn to forget the goals in the moment but revisit them to learn from them will make you a stronger goalkeeper!

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