Individualized Goalkeeper training the key to growth

Most youth clubs have goalkeeper training. In these trainings, there are so many goalkeepers, goalkeeper coaches can be easily overwhelmed. These trainings, as many parents tell us, looks like a “factory” or assembly line of humans waiting or standing in line for their turn to be trained. With so many players in line doing the same thing at the players ahead of them, how can your goalkeeper ever get ahead?

Zpro futbol Individual Goalkeeper TrainingSome clubs automatically feel that by adding MORE coaches would solve the problem. In addition, there are other goalkeeper organizations who are also bringing their training to the public but again, it is more about the number of keepers in their programs rather than their quality of training. For the most part, all these goalkeeper programs do is “keep goalkeepers busy” to appear in front of parents as “working hard”….an OLD coaching trick! Some of these goalkeeper programs follow strict curriculums and guidelines which often times will not benefit the keepers at all.

Few facts about goalkeeper training:

It is near impossible to train a goalkeeper to be at the highest level by training in groups or large groups. There is only ONE goalkeeper in the goal, NOT a group.

If you have a HUGE amount of kids in a program, do you believe that ALL coaches who are part of this programs are the BEST coaches or HIGHLY experienced coaches? Do you think ALL of these coaches entirely care about the keeper’s advancement or have the BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD?

Professional athletes, professional goalkeepers, and ELITE athletes receive personal or individualized training. This is why these players are at an entirely NEW level that most athletes will never reach. It is all about PERSONAL and INDIVIDUAL attention.

In group trainings, certain kids will receive more attention than others. Coaches tend to take care of “better or advanced” goalkeepers rather than those who are struggling. Why? Because these coaches want to get the BRAGGING RIGHTS for training the best athletes and get big egos when these goalkeepers move on to college or beyond. In the meantime, 80% of their keepers struggle to grow in the position.

In conclusion

Don’t be fooled by the HYPE about goalkeeper programs even if it is with a professional club. With pro clubs, the numbers of goalkeepers are even LARGER and the huge amount of kids and coaches makes it very difficult to provide personal attention to each goalkeeper, which is a SPECIALIZED position.

When it comes to your child’s training, think outside the box and look for a training program that will give attention and provide with a professional training program where the keeper is constantly challenged. Today’s goalkeepers must be fast, quick, powerful and above all confident. Therefore, today’s training has to be individualized or tailored to the goalkeeper / individual in order to be able to compete with the rest of the world.

Learn about our goalkeeper training programs and how we take care of our goalkeepers around the world, amateur and professional. So MANY parents and goalkeepers are very satisfied with the individual attention we provide to our keepers. As a result, their progress and improvement is simply impressive. We are very involved with every single aspect of our student’s training and future in the goal.

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