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Z Lozano International Goalkeeper coach, Masters Degree in Sport & Health Science. Certified by The National Academy Of Sport Medicine. UEFA license, Speaker, Mental trainer

Goalkeeper gloves: how to take care of them

Goalkeeper gloves are very expensive and glove companies are taking advantage of parents and goalkeepers all over the country because they know parents will have to buy them sooner or later. Some "big name brands" won't care about how high their prices are as long as you buy it.You can still buy great gloves at decent prices [...]

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Why I never make the top team

He is the scenario:You struggle to make the "TOP TEAM" in your club no matter how hard you try or how long you train. You are not the most athletic player at your club, but you work hard and never seem to make it to the next level.If this describes you, you are one of [...]

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Balance Training: simple ways to increase power, agility & reaction

Working on only technical aspects of the goalkeeper & ignoring the physical and mental aspects, it's like a boxer fighting with only ONE hand, it does not work.Today lots of youth club goalkeepers are technically decent but the majority of them are very weak athletes and lack speed & strength to get vertical jumps which are elements [...]

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Goalkeeper mental toughness

Twitter Instagram Today there is a number of goalkeeper programs who spend time doing all kinds of goalkeeping drills to improve their technical aspects but almost nobody covers the most important aspect of a goalkeeper at the youth level which is the MENTAL TOUGHNESS.I live in Denver, Colorado. Here there a number of soccer goalie [...]

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Youth soccer clubs or High school soccer?

The high school soccer vs club soccer has been around for years in the United States and it looks like this topic will never go away. Some people state that high school soccer is “inferior” and amateur youth club soccer is much more advanced. This general comment is both naive and in many cases wrong. With [...]

Professional goalkeeper training – Zpro Futbol method

Your best game during the worst day of your life. Zpro Futbol methodology is more than technical skills and perfect forms, is life changing journey.We spend hundreds of hours training & analyzing our Professional & amateur goalkeepers around the world to understand their physical, mental and technical aspects. Plus, our personal experiences playing at the highest [...]

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Goalkeeper tips: Playing with a bad defense

Twitter Instagram Here is the reality of the game... you may be a goalkeeper who always play with the a team that has a "great" defense,  played together for a while, close to the same age group and get an average of 1 to 3 shots on goal every game.  This is the kind of defense or [...]

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Making goalkeeper gloves

There are a number of goalkeeper companies who sell expensive gloves with cheap materials and others will sell great gloves but at an expensive price. However, most people will NEVER know the difference. I'm hoping to give you some insight on this process.This blog will cover how our gloves are made and we will give you [...]

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Mentally ready to be a goalkeeper?

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Over the last several years,  I've had the privilege to have trained hundreds of goalkeepers worldwide and I have been able to study and analyze many of these keepers in order to understand their mental preparation. It will take me many years trying to explain what happens inside of the athlete's mind [...]

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Goalkeeper gloves correct sizes

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Here's a simple guide to help get the best fit:The right fit should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY when selecting a glove. To make your glove fit PERFECTLY you need to understand these questions:Do you have LONG skinny fingers?  Do you have wider fingers? Do you have THICK hands?The Glove should be roomy [...]

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