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Z Lozano International Goalkeeper coach, Masters Degree in Sport & Health Science. Certified by The National Academy Of Sport Medicine. UEFA license, Speaker, Mental trainer

Goalkeeper: The Psychology of the Breakaway

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Goalkeeper Psychology: Part IBeing a goalie is already a very psychological role that comprises a lot of waiting in the goal with a few seconds of adrenaline and intensity, and for some goalkeepers, a few seconds of horror.The most terrifying moment for a goalkeeper, however, is during breakaways. A goalkeeper's psychological characteristics, [...]

Goalkeeper: How to Re-Focus

Most difficult mental skill: How to re-focusRe-focus is the hardest thing to do when it comes to mental skill.  But it is even harder to re-focus when you are a goalkeeper in a game where NOTHING is happening or perhaps, lots is happening but you JUST simply can't get in the game.It is very easy [...]

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Goalkeeper: 3 tips to play well under pressure

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn If you train in perfect conditions, you WILL fail in times of pressure ! Are you a goalkeeper who struggles under pressure?this could be at important games or even tryouts. The definition of pressure is: butterflies, fear of making mistakes, nervousness, pre-game jitters, pressure from parents, worrying about winning or losing or even negative [...]

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Goalkeeper: 4 ways to destroy your confidence

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Expectations are unrealized ideas!!!Competing at your best in your worst day is what mental toughness is all about. Here is how you'll destroy your confidence & mental toughnessComparing yourself with othersPeople naturally compare themselves to other people, but when you do that, NO ONE CARES! Only you. Your stress level increases, and things may become [...]

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Goalkeeper mental preparation: The day before games

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn This blog will probably give an excellent routine idea for the day before competition or tryouts.After a long week of goalkeeper training, team practices, strategy preparation and hard work, now here comes competition/game day. Physically you and your team are ready, all your technical work is finished and all the possible scenarios [...]

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4 types of goalkeepers

There are 4 kinds of goalkeepers:The goalkeepers who just want to have fun, not interested in competition, they simply want to play for fun.The goalkeepers who are only interested in "being known" as the keeper in the top team. He wants the "title" as the  Varsity, Professional, ODP, ECNL, Academy, etc. To him/her it is about [...]

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Sideline coaching, not good for confidence

Sideline coaching is one of the reasons why many young amateur goalkeepers are struggling in the goal. Let's be honest, sideline coaching is simply annoying and for some young goalkeepers, this is humiliating and devastating.For example,  pretend that you're going out to dinner with your best friend and as you eat your dinner, your best friend [...]

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3 steps to be mentally tough

On this blog, you will get few key ingredients to give you a guide, map, GPS, a direction towards mental toughness.   However, these are NOT "magical pills" but it will help you get started the right way.Mental toughness questions:Have you ever wonder why some goalkeepers are inconsistent in their games or practices?  for example,  a [...]

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Why some goalkeepers fail and other succeed?

We get hundreds of emails & texts from amateur goalkeepers WORLDWIDE, they ALL want to be professional goalkeepers, play for the national team or play in college etc. The allure is intoxicating, especially for the talented, and it can warp judgment. *Only less than 2% will make it far enough to play Professionally & thousands more are [...]

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Goalkeeper: how do I get recruited to play in college

This blog is for those goalkeepers who are looking to play in college but are struggling to be noticed by college coaches. The most popular question most goalkeepers and their parents ask is, "how do I get recruited to play in college. There are few steps that you MUST avoid and other steps that you [...]

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