Goalkeeper FocusDistractions and loss of focus during games for Goalkeepers will occur. You might catch yourself watching another game on another field, or someone on the sidelines or in the crowd making fun of you, players calling you names, or your mind wondering after a goal for or against you. The worst distraction is when your mind simply wanders and you look lost or even bored.   Even at the highest level,  professional players who’ve played in large crowds most of their careers can get distracted. The difference is, they have the ability to refocus on the task at hand very quickly.

How do they do it? How do they find their focus again, when there are 30,000+ people yelling and screaming? How do they find the focus when a championship is on the line?

I want to share with you few ideas to help you stay focused during each of your games.

  • Don’t let your feelings such as anger, sadness or negative feelings get in your head, especially after a bad call, or goal against you. These negative thoughts will throw you off your game. So make sure to stay centered, cool, calm & collected at all times.
  • Stay Attentive. Focus in ALL aspect of the game in front of you: Where your players are? Are they doing their jobs? Find possible problems before the ball changes possession.  Learn who the dangerous players are, keep looking for issues that can be fixed during a game through communicating with your team.
  •  YOU have the choice to get distracted or stay focused. Even if you get distracted you have the choice to refocus. Being aware of your unfocused mind is the key to refocusing.
  • Practice your focus during training. If you train your focus during your training sessions, you will more easily stay focused during a game.

It is also important to understand that your maturity level has a lot to do with your focus and concentration during a game.  Imagine a 6-year-old on the field vs a 24-year-old keeper. Who is more focused?  Being mentally strong is crucial. The sooner you learn the be mentally strong and focused the stronger keeper you will become.

Just remember and remind yourself to stay focused. Keep working on this during practices and games until it becomes easier.